Yujue Participated in the 82nd China Education Equipment Exhibition

Author:Yujue   Release time:2023-10-31

On October 20, 2023, Kunshan Yujue Education Equipment Co., Ltd. was honored to participate in the 82nd China Education Equipment Exhibition, which was grandly opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin). This exhibition is hosted by the China Education Equipment Industry Association and jointly organized by the Tianjin Education Commission, Tianjin Bureau of Commerce, Tianjin Jinnan District People's Government, and Tianjin Institute of Education Science.


The exhibition will last for 3 days, with the theme of "Digital Empowerment of Education, Innovation Leading the Future", and will adopt an integrated online and offline exhibition mode. The total exhibition area has reached nearly 200000 square meters, attracting more than 1100 enterprises from both domestic and international sources, and exhibiting more than 12000 educational equipment exhibits.

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Leaders at all levels attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition, including Wang Xu, member of the Standing Committee of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Education Working Committee of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee. At the opening ceremony, Li Jianping, Executive Deputy Director of the Committee on Caring for the Next Generation of the Ministry of Education, emphasized the construction of a high-quality education system, the development of high-level educational equipment, and the importance of educational science. Jing Hongyang, representing the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission as one of the organizers of this exhibition, emphasized the role of Tianjin in the exhibition, strengthened services, and was committed to building an educational equipment display and exchange platform. Xia Guoming pointed out that the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will integrate education, technology, and talent, emphasizing the importance of educational equipment in the high-quality development of education.

The exhibition also made some innovative attempts, including special zone exhibitions, metaverse exhibition platforms, etc., to provide a better viewing experience and showcase the booming development of the education equipment industry. The exhibition also set up a Tianjin Pavilion specifically to showcase the characteristics of education, teaching, and equipment in Tianjin, increasing opportunities for visitors to interact with exhibits and allowing them to experience the latest educational equipment and technology firsthand.

Kunshan Yujue Education Equipment Co., Ltd. is honored to participate in this exhibition, making contributions to the development of education equipment and the promotion of educational science. The successful holding of the exhibition will help promote the development of education in Tianjin, build a high-quality education equipment ecosystem, and provide strong support for innovation and progress in the education field.